Network Labs

Modern Digital Enterprises rely upon a robust network foundation, carrying the traffic that enable business with their Client’s and supply chains.

Typically, a Digital Enterprise will operate and maintain Agile methodologies and operate QA, Dev/Test and Pre-production environments supporting continuous delivery of Production Systems to assure new software releases and features, however, in many cases do not have the luxury of a pre-production network infrastructure to validate core network changes and enhancements.

Network Droids Labs is a continuous infrastructure development and test capability designed to help Clients maintain a predicable network ecosystem by building and modelling tailored network infrastructure within a self-contained virtual environment. All without impact to mission critical operations.

The service is a unique extension of the Network Assessment delivering the network environment captured in the Client Report with a working replica.

The Network Droid Lab is designed to support key business outcomes ranging from Proof-of-Concept engagements, New Technology Introduction, Data Centre / Cloud Migrations, Software Upgrades, Architecture changes and Internal Training initiatives.

What are the benefits?

The Network Droids Lab provides a wide variety of benefits.

Reduce RiskAssure network behaviours validating changes and software upgrades
Maintain CurrencyVerify new product versions and new technology introduction
Manage In-Life ChangeComplex Change validation
Reduced CostsReduce downtime assuring network changes prior to production deployment and reduced time to market and reduced time to market

What are the Common Use Cases?

The Network Droids Lab can be tailored to several use cases.

Proof of ConceptValidate new concepts and features
Migration AssuranceAssure network transitions between current and end state architecture
Multi-Vendor IntegrationVerification of Technology Interop between Vendors
TrainingOperational training and awareness of network setup and change planning
Incident SupportReplicate fault scenarios and test fixes prior to production changes